Pictures of my daughter Ella, born 17.11.08

Newest pictures at the bottom of the page.

1 hour old
3- 4 days and sleeepy



1 month old


almost two months old



Sleeping soundly 28.01.09
Well - get it over with.

Oh! I have a tongue




Now i can drool!
A lot!

4.3.09 Sitting up

..and sliding...
25.3.09 a nice warm bath

Am i cute or what?


18.5.09 6 Mths + 1 day old

Windy day at the harbour


What's that?


What to do with this?

I have an idea...


My tooth is doing its job!

The spoon still tastes of banana

Pondering the birds and the sky

26.6.09 Almost crawling

17.7.09 Silver bracelets taste so gooood

Sitting up all alone - big girl!

24.8.09 Happy girl

Little angel

...or perhaps not?

Oh no! You didn't take a pic of that!


29.11.09 Standing up without support

Big eyes too see a big world

29.12.09 A late present, UNPACK!

A wooden cow? Are you kidding?

14.04.10 An apple


Birds outside?

How to peel this?

The vacant stare...


Sisters in front of the PC

Black and white?

05.06.10 Experimenting with bread

Yo, i be da cool bitch!

07.08.10 Beat this!

I hurt my nose...

...but not too badly.

Do dads shoes fit?

12.08.10 Bubbles?


...and they taste good!

13.08.10 Splashing around in the north sea

having a sister is fun

Stomping the waves

22.08.10 Not quite Dostoyevski yet...

06.10.10 Music making

Wow! Do you feel that groove?

07.11.10 Bad hair day

18.11.10 Birthday present (one day late)

.. i can open it myself!

And i'll be a chef when i grow up

19.11.10 Feeding seagulls at the harbour

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