Denmark 15.12.07
This is the sunset light in the northeastern part of Jutland in Denmark on a chilly day in December.
Some of the pics deserve to be clicked on, because the thumbs don't really show the details or the pastel colours in the way they deserve.
I just love the colours some winter sunsets can create, what can i say...

Two versions of the same landscape

Frozen grass

Fog on the ground

Yes, Denmark is fairly flat
But we do have occasional hills

Half moon rising
The same road, bigger aperture
The coast -Kattegat meets Jutland

Looking inland from a hill
The last rays of the sun shining on
frozen grass
Foreground in focus
Middleground in focus
Ice drops
Westward view
View south along the coast

And the north eastern view -
I love the pastels in these pictures
which is why you get the same pic

four times
The day ends
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