Copenhagen in April 2006
These are a few selected pictures taken in the first 20 days after i got my DSLR. All in all i took more than 1800 pics in three weeks.
They show Copenhagen as i see it - and you get some touristy parts as well.
The pics are shown in chronological order - so you get some of the same motifs in different places on the page, that is because they were taken on different days.

The views from my rooftop

Almost springtime

Typical street
At the modernized waterfront


Nyhavn - nice but touristy
The "lakes" in Copenhagen

More typical streets

I used to live in this street



Military academy at sunset
It overlooks this park
Fountain in the same park
And the waterfront again, this time at sunset


A row of houses
And yet again the waterfront, on an overcast day.




The national Library building
Across the water from the library
And the library form the other side
Danish stock exchange and parliament

Towers of Copenhagen - seen from
the east - and i still like sunsets...


Still the same sunset
....only through windows this time

The same park as above...

...and the military academy again, danish flag and all.
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